Carthage Film Festival celebrates Jordanian cinema

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AMMAN – The Carthage Film Festival (JCC) announced the screening of a collection of Jordanian films in its 34th edition through a special section titled “Jordanian Cinema in Focus”, which celebrates the rapid development and strong international presence of Jordanian films in the past years, according to a statement by the Jordanian Royal Film Commission (RFC).اضافة اعلان

In collaboration with the RFC, a rich program of Jordanian films was designed in addition to film-related activities that aim to showcase the progress of the Jordanian film industry.

Emerging cinematic experience
Mohannad Al-Bakri, RFC’s Managing Director, said: “This major event is an important recognition of the great achievements made by Jordanian cinema worldwide, and an acknowledgment of the important role it plays in the field of the seventh art.”

The Carthage Film Festival posted on its website “Carthage Film Days dedicates “Cinema in Focus 2023” to Jordan, which has an emerging cinematic experience and is witnessing promising development thanks to new dynamics that supports cinema and reflects the quality of films.”

The screening program includes a total of ten films: four narrative feature films, a feature documentary, and six short films, in addition to holding a symposium on Jordanian cinema. The RFC is hosting a reception on the sidelines of the festival to introduce attendees to Jordanian cinema and the Jordanian delegation, which includes 18 filmmakers in addition to members of the RFC team.

The participating films
Narrative Feature Films:

Theeb” - Directed by Naji Abu Nawar, 2014.
Daughters of Abdul-Rahman” - Directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan, 2021.
The Alleys” - Directed by Basil Ghandour, 2020.
Farha” - Directed by Darren J. Salam, 2021.

Documentary Feature Film:
“Little Souls” – Directed by Dina Nasser, 2019.

Short Films:
“A Truce” - Directed by Saleh Khatibah, 2020.
“Kroka” - Directed by Samer Batikhi, 2022.
“Salam” - Directed by Zein Deri’i, 2019.
“Talavezion” - Directed by Murad Abu Aisha, 2021.
“Diana” -Directed by Maysoon Khaled, 2020.

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