The Concept Box: A space for lively vibes

the concept box
The Concept Box seeks to shed light on upcoming artists and designers in Jordan and help them increase their reach and recognition. (Photos: Handouts from Amal Al-Daoud)
AMMAN — The Concept Box is an open space, popup, art, and design exhibition that was launched by a group of young art and design enthusiasts — Nadine Dajani, Amal Al-Daoud, Tamara Abujaber, Dana Abujaber, and Caroline Nuqul — in December 2021. The five young women may have different careers, but they all wanted to get into the art scene in Jordan, and nourish it, convinced that they could add something of value, hence the Concept Box, Daoud told Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

“We enjoy finding undiscovered artists in Jordan. There are many famous artists, but there are many artists that not a lot of people know, and we try to shed light on them,” said Nuqul.

(Photos: Handouts from Amal Al-Daoud)

The Concept Box was launched at Trax.Jo; the group went with the box idea because it was not defined and was inspired by the space where they held their first exhibition, which looked like a container. 

They consider the space as a talent incubator and liked the idea of an undefined concept, something they can play around with as they will not always be focusing only on art and design, but aim to expand beyond that, Nadine said. 

The name gives them room to experiment and try different things, as it does not place them in a specific category, but allows them to open many other doors for creativity, she added.

The goal is to shed light on upcoming artists and designers in Jordan, to help them increase their reach and recognition, Daoud said.  

The Concept Box is not only for people to come and buy artwork, but rather to encourage people to be entertained in the space, in addition to “showcasing something more refreshing and authentic in Amman,” Dana Abujaber said.

(Photos: Handouts from Amal Al-Daoud)

“We wanted to have a space where artists can meet, collaborate, and we encourage them to be part of such spaces and exhibitions,” Dajani said.

Tamara Abujaber said that since the space was limited, they wanted to make it aesthetically pleasing and different from the large-space exhibition halls, and aim to create a unique experience for both artists and visitors through the unique way of displaying artworks.

Another factor they believe distinguishes them is their young age and lesser experience compared to other people in the field. Resorting to their imagination when deciding what to exhibit in the Concept Box frees them from limitations and differentiates them, according to Nuqul.

“We created a space that felt alive and brought the artworks to life. It is a very comfortable space,” Dajani said.

(Photos: Handouts from Amal Al-Daoud)

They wish to encourage anyone who has a talent, a goal, and a dream to go ahead and try to achieve what they want, and to believe in themselves because passion will help one shine, said Dana Abujaber. 

Daoud said that many asked how they will be different from other exhibition spaces, since there are many popups for art and design in Amman, but that did not scare them. Instead, they “went with it, pushed through it, and created a creative space.”One of the challenges was finding artists, because they were unknown at first, but they persevered and were able to convince artists to display their works in the Concept Box, Daoud added.

(Photos: Handouts from Amal Al-Daoud)

They plan to hold one or two events a year in the Concept Box, with each having something unique and each in different places, Nadine said, adding that while their main focus is art, they are open to other creative ideas and cooperation with art galleries.

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