‘Spiritualities’ attempts to cast light into the darkness

By Jasim Mohammad 2 art
Pieces from the ‘Spirituality’ exhibition hang in the Foresight32 Gallery in this undated photo. (Photos: Tamara Abdin/JNews)
AMMAN — An exhibition focusing on spiritual art and featuring four Iraqi artists — Jasim Mohammad, Emad Dahir, Hareth Al-Hudaithi, and Ali Al-Ebadi — opened at the Foresight32 Gallery early last week. اضافة اعلان

Calligraphy takes center stage at the exhibition, with 73 works being displayed, some of which include sculptures made of bronze. The event was held with the patronage of Senator Haifa Najjar.

Iraqi artist, Jasim Mohammad, brings to the exhibition a modern twist on calligraphy, freeing letters using optical compositions. He focuses on highlighting different levels of light and shadow using a combination of bright colors, according to a statement released by exhibition.

Artist Emad Dahir’s work reflects a sense of positive spirituality using a variety of sculptors such as wings, birds, and butterflies. His underground experiments rely on Babylonian and Assyrian traditions, according to the statement.

Hareth Al-Hudaithi, on the other hand, attempts to modernize traditional schools of Arabic calligraphy. The artist makes many references to Islamic scriptures and uses ornaments prominently in his work.

Finally, Ali Al-Ebadi works on reimagining the meanings of verses from the Quran as well as excerpts from literature. The statement particularly points out the artist’s intricate use of gold gilding in his work.

Founder of the gallery, Suad Issawi, told Jordan News in an interview that the message behind the exhibition was to spread optimism and hope amid the pandemic.

“The main idea of the exhibition is to inspire people to go back to their values of spirituality. Since the spread of the coronavirus, seldom do you find any mercy between people. You find anger and frustration; negative feelings. So, we needed something positive to make people view things in a different light,” she said.

When she curated the list of artists, Issawi said she looked at different schools and techniques and found a theme that brought them all together.

“Though all four artists are living abroad, what unites them is their work in spiritual art. Even with the sculptures, you see birds and flying, which represent fertility and beauty. These are all values that are spiritual in nature,” she explained.

Spirituality, according to Issawi, is a private matter or relationship between a person and their god; regardless of their religion. And the exhibition comes at a time when hope and positivity are rare, she added.

The exhibition will continue until May 20, and is open every day from 11am to 5pm, except on Fridays.

As for the art gallery in general, Issawi said that Foresight32, previously known as Baladna, focuses on being a place for people to interact and leave an impact on society.

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