Lubna Shahrour: Creating abstract art for every space

Abstract art created by Lubna Shahrour. (Photos: Handout from Lubna Shahrour)
AMMAN — Jordanian artist Lubna Shahrour failed Tawjihi, the general secondary education certificate examination in Jordan. However, this failure motivated her to start her career in abstract art, a field even as an artist she was unfamiliar with.اضافة اعلان

While this failure deeply impacted her, Shahrour was insistent on developing her emotions into success. At the time, she felt deficient and was looking for a way to cope. Throughout navigating her emotions, she found art and was able to channel her feelings into a passion that eventually led her onto her current career path.

Lubna Shahrour is an abstract artist that seeks to create pieces that can be uses to bring spaces together. (Photos: Handout from Lubna Shahrour)

Art was not something foreign to the artist as her father was also an artist who shared this passion with her as a child.

The artist started drawing portraits in 2016, “when I first started practicing my drawing skill, I was drawing portraits with a pencil,” Shahrour said in an interview with Jordan News.

A portrait in fine arts is defined as a sculpture, a painting, a type of photography, or any other portrayal where the face is the primary theme of the piece. A portrait painting, drawing, or sketch reflects the image of a specific individual. The artist used charcoal for her portraits.

Abstract art created by Lubna Shahrour. (Photos: Handout from Lubna Shahrour)

In 2019, she started painting with colors, “This (drawing portraits) sparked an interest in me to learn a new technique that included colors. I started learning abstract art,” she said, adding that people encouraged her to expand her skills and learn a new form of art.

Abstract paintings do not have specific rules or forms and usually depend on the artists’ style and color preferences. According to Shahrour, each artist has a unique touch. 

Abstract art combines various visual shapes, forms, colors, and lines to produce a composition. Usually, for abstract paintings, acrylic colors are used.
“I mix water with acrylic colors,” said Shahrour.

Abstract art created by Lubna Shahrour. (Photos: Handout from Lubna Shahrour)

The artist also has a bachelor’s degree in interior design, which has helped her in her current career path as she said that abstract art could be used as a decorative and cosmetic addition for homes. “Abstract art painting enriches home decor,” she said.

According to the artist, abstract paintings can be used to beautify any space they are in. Abstract art offers many opportunities for presentation and interpretation. They can serve as an elegant accent or add a unique touch that either brings a place together or provides a bold color disruption.

“I started making my paintings while I was finishing my studies in interior design. Whenever I designed a house or a room, I always felt like something was missing,” she said, adding that that is where her abstract art fits.

Abstract art created by Lubna Shahrour. (Photos: Handout from Lubna Shahrour)

The artist’s mood has a significant impact on her work and is heavily influenced by it. “I can’t draw portraits when I’m in a bad mood, but I like to do abstract paintings whether I’m happy or sad, as the colors make me feel happy and relaxed,” Shahrour said.

“My favorite color is blue; honestly, I feel relaxed when I mix it with the other colors, and I mostly use it with white and gold,” the artist stated.
Shahrour has faced several challenges throughout her journey, the most significant of which was the lack of available materials and specialized equipment for abstract art, particularly acrylic materials.

She added that in Jordan, there is a small percentage and a limited range of tools are available. However, on the other hand, many essential materials and tools are abundantly available outside Jordan.

Abstract art created by Lubna Shahrour. (Photos: Handout from Lubna Shahrour)

“I struggled to learn the technique, and I asked for assistance, but no artist was able to help me,” Shahrour said.

When asked about the message behind her art, the artist said that there is no specific message that she tries to convey through her paintings; instead, she chooses to depend on her talent to create a piece that is fit for the space it will be displayed in.

She added that she expresses her ideas through colors of her choice, but she does visit the location to be able to create a painting that suits it.

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