For Douaa Nofal, art is a feeling

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(Photos: Handouts from Douaa Nofal)
AMMAN — Douaa Nofal’s passion for art blossomed at an early age. As a child, she used coloring books as references for her drawings, and in high school, her mother saw in her what others couldn’t see: Unswerving dedication. اضافة اعلان

When Nofal enrolled in university, she chose a major that had nothing to do with her passion. But halfway through her academic career, she decided that it was time to pursue art. 

Douaa Nofal (Photos: Handouts from Douaa Nofal)

“I did not know that there is a major of plastic arts in Jordan, so when I discovered that Yarmouk university was offering it, I decided to enroll,” Nofal told Jordan News in a recent interview. “I graduated in 2012 and started my career immediately.”  

These days, Nofal’s goal is to help build a generation that understands art and the feelings it evokes. 

“In order to continue living, we must understand art,” she said.  
She added that anyone who sees art as physical must realize that it transcends the material. 

(Photos: Handouts from Douaa Nofal)

“Even though art is how I earn living,” she said. “Every piece I create reaps moral rewards, as opposed to material.”

She believes that every problem we face in our lives can be solved through art, and that art is a feeling, “a process of making something from nothing.”
Throughout her career, Nofal worked in several fields such as make up, decoration, and television, among other things.

As a beginner, she wanted art to reach every household in Jordan. However, many individuals started turning to commercial art, which was slightly discouraging to Nofal, as she did not want people to view her art as they would a piece furniture. 

one of The Art Space students (Photos: Handouts from Douaa Nofal)

In 2019, she opened an art studio and school called The Art Space
“It is hard somehow, but on the other hand it is so nice to do what I love to do,” she said. “Now, I reached a place where I mentally heal myself and children through art.”

At her school, Nofal helps children express their feelings through art and alleviates the mental pressure they endured during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Seeing parents’ reactions toward their children’s work and their encouragement convinced me that what I am doing is the best thing that I will do in my life,” she said. “I do not want people to be materialistic, I want them to see the emotional part of things, to let them feel the power of art.”  

(Photos: Handouts from Douaa Nofal)

Today, Nofal works on large drawing-boards, which has proven difficult since she is trying something new.

“Sometimes, I leave the drawing-boards empty for a week to know how to translate my feelings into drawings,” she said.

Nofal told Jordan News that aspiring artists must not let go of their dreams and must not let anything stand in their way. 

“Keep doing what you are doing,” she said. “Art is the greatest thing that a human being can do in their life.”

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