AIFF announces winners of pitching platforms

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN  — The Amman Film Industry Days (AFID), organized in the framework of the second edition of the Amman International Film Festival — Awal Film (AIFF), wrapped up its activities on Monday by announcing the winners of two pitching platforms at a ceremony held at the Royal Film Commission.اضافة اعلان

There were 10 film projects that received a total of 12 in-kind awards out of the 13 Jordanian and Arab projects competing. The AFID’s awards are important for projects that are still in progress, as they pave the way for the winners to develop their films or complete them, according to a statement by the AIFF. 

Over the course of four days, the competing filmmakers presented their projects to an independent Jury in the presence of a group of film professionals. The AFID’s jury consists of film expert Layaly Badr, producer Kayvan Mashayekh, documentary filmmaker Mariam Shahin, filmmaker Ameen Nayfeh, and film and culture expert Abdallah Shami.

The Jury praised the quality of the projects submitted, saying: “The five members of the jury awarded in-kind prizes to projects in development and post-production, which they felt showed the greatest promise and dealt with issues and themes that are an important contribution to the visual documentation of our region and are not likely to get support outside the Middle East.”

Thanks to valued partnerships with local and international institutions, the prizes were awarded as follows:

Development Category (for Jordanian projects):

Slate: $14,000 for film equipment rentals to “Zaina’s Wedding” by Razan Takash.

Greener Screen:  Greener script integration and sustainable production best practices for $7,000 to “The Green Bird” by Ahmad Samara, produced by Alaa Alhussan.

Where to Film: Consultancy package, including scouting and locations consultancy and support, worth $7,000 to “Landslide” by Mai Al-Ghouti, produced by Diala Abu Zaid.

Gruvi: Media marketing package and planning services valued at $5,600 to “Harvest Moon” by Rama Ayasra, produced by Mariam Salim.

Script development consultancy valued at $2,000 to “The Land” by Ahmad Al-Khatib.

Post-Production Category (for Arab projects):

Malmo Arab Film Festival (MAFF): A seat at MAFF Industry Days post-production to “Three Promises” by Yusef Srouji, produced by Marielle Olentine (Palestine).

SAE post-production facilities valued at $21,000 to “This is Cairo” by Hala Galal, produced by Kesmat Elsayed (Egypt).

MAD Solutions: 
Minimum guarantee in exchange for the distribution and sales rights in the Arab world worth $10,000 to “Yed Meriem” by Mouzahem Yahya (Algeria). 

Creative Media Solutions: Film branding services valued at $10,000 to “Journey of Eternity” by Frank Gilbert, produced by Mohamed Atef (Iraq/Egypt).

Rum Pictures: Post-production services worth $7,000 to “Concrete Land” by Asmahan Bkerat, produced by Sahar Yousefi (Jordan/Canada).

Jordan Pioneers: Post-production facilities, worth $5,000 to "Three Promises” by Yusef Srouji, produced by Marielle Olentine (Palestine).

Acousmatic Film Sound – Estonia: Sound design and re-recording mix services valued at $15,000 to “Concrete Land” by Asmahan Bkerat, produced by Sahar Yousefi (Jordan/Canada).

In line with the festival’s objectives to empower and motivate filmmakers in Jordan and the region, it is worth noting that the AFID organized 12 open sessions on various cinematic topics and seven training sessions with filmmakers and cinema experts. The AFID offered participants networking opportunities with producers and distributors from the region and beyond.

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