Director of Public Security inspects security plan for Jerash Festival

Jerash Festival
(Photo: Jordan News)
Amman — The director of the Public Security Directorate, Major General Hussein Al-Hawatmeh, reviewed the progress of the police procedures and the security and traffic preparations taken to maintain security and order as part of the security plan for the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts.اضافة اعلان

During his visit to the festival site, on Wednesday, Hawatmeh stressed the need to implement the security and traffic plan in cooperation with the Jerash Festival administration.

He emphasized that the highest levels of coordination and readiness to implement the security plan are necessary to ensure the festival maintains top security and order. 

The security plans cover smooth entry and exit procedures for festival-goers which would allow for an appropriate atmosphere that allows attendees to enjoy all the festival’s segments and activities.

Hawatmeh listened to a briefing by the chief of security of the northern region where he summarized the police and security’s procedures and their plans to enforce the rules of conduct of the festival and cover its activities, traffic, and organizational aspects. 

The chief also covered the service provided by the police departments, civil defense, gendarmerie forces, and other security services aimed to help festival-goers.

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