The Kader app connecting job seekers and businesses

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AMMAN — Connecting businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors with quality, pre-vetted staff, was the reason Raed Radaideh created the “Kader” app.اضافة اعلان

The high rate of unemployment and the tough circumstances during the pandemic, motivated this entrepreneur to think of the idea for Kader.

 “We started in 2020, when finding quality staff in the hospitality and retail sectors had proven to be a burden on businesses,” Radaideh said in an interview with Jordan News.

He said that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the opportunity for work, and numerous industries were affected including hotels, restaurants, and others.

 “Kader is an on-demand hiring platform that aims to reduce the friction in the hiring process by providing a mobile application and a web dashboard to find quality Kaderos (Kader heroes) at the click of a button,” Radaideh said.

He clarified that Kader, meaning staff in Arabic, connects ‘gig’ or temporary workers with businesses in the service sector.

  The mobile application allows job seekers with specific skills to find job opportunities that match their skill sets and personalities and goals.

He said that Kader wants to make the hiring process easier and minimize the significant turnover rates that exist in the hotel, retail, and service sectors.

 “The Kaderos are our staff, but we also consider them, as well as the companies and businesses, as our clients. This builds loyalty and achieves customer satisfaction,” Radaideh said.

Jobseekers go through several steps before hiring.

First, a personality assessment, followed by a technical assessment, and then a face-to-face interview. “As much as we care about our (company) clients, our Kaderos are our backbone, as they are the face of Kader.

We provide our Kaderos with insurance packages, we open bank accounts for them, as well as provide loyalty and reward programs,” Radaideh said. “Communication, attitude and presentation are main points in such jobs.”

 He said that the Kaderos will be notified of a job opportunity that matches their skills and qualifications.

“At Kader, we also work on financial inclusion, and anyone from Kaderos must have a bank account.”

Radaideh explained the importance of financial inclusion, and how individuals must have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs.

“Having a bank account makes it easier for staff to benefit from any banking product in the future, and built a credit history,” he said.

 Moreover, clients can check the rates of the Kaderos on the Kader application, and this builds credibility and strengthens the employer-employee relationship.

 The Kader app uses technology to track any information about the Kaderos, “We do not only provide businesses with quality staff but also market insights and data collection in order to have more efficient targeted sales,” Radaideh said.

 He said that the nine-to-five workday will die out, and the future is for flexible working hours, and flexible work is no longer something just for ‘gig’ workers or freelancers, after the pandemic, many businesses are offering flexible schedules.

 “Providing flexibility for businesses has plenty of advantages: no commitment, cut down on unnecessary costs, on-demand and instant filling of job vacancies.” he said.

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