The JD1 bill got a makeover, what is in store for the rest?

(Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — On Monday, the Central Bank of Jordan announced that the fifth issue of Jordanian banknotes would be introduced into circulation gradually. And while the denominations will not change — JD1, JD5, JD10, JD20, and JD50 — the bills are being redesigned. اضافة اعلان

Here is what we know: The JD1 is already being circulated as of Monday. The new design sports the Jordanian national bird, the Sinai rosefinch, and includes enhanced security features. According to a local news outlet, the new JD1 banknote contains about 15 watermarks, not just six as previously reported. 

The new bills, it said, include the latest security measures in the world of bank notes. 

Fresh design, historic symbolsThe new banknotes, while fresh in design, will still include images of Hashemite kings, as they did in the fourth issue. For JD1, the national bird found a home on the new bill. 

Known for its pinkish color, the Sinai rosefinch was chosen as Jordan’s national bird due to its similarity to the red sandstone in Petra. The bird can best be seen near the Petra Mountains.

JD5 The JD5 bill is expected to go into circulation in March of 2023. The color of the bill will remain predominantly orange-red, with other colors making an appearance. A portrait of the late King Abdullah I will be on the front of the bill on the right, while a watercolor portrait of him will be on the top left. 

It was said that the JD5 will also include a photo of the Petra Treasury, a black iris (the national flower), and symbols from Nabataean architecture and the King Abdullah I Mosque. It is also speculated to be ornamented with motifs from the Byzantine and Umayyad periods and has a photo of a group of camels in Wadi Rum.

JD10The JD10’s circulation date is still unknown. In terms of design, the JD10 banknote will remain predominantly blue. Like the JD5, there will be a portrait of a Hashemite king, the late King Talal, on the front of the bill on the right, and a watercolor portrait on the left. 

The front is also said to have a photo of wild Jordanian plants, while the corners will be decorated with designs from the King Hussein bin Talal mosque. 

The back of the bill is reported to have a photo of the Roman Amphitheater in downtown Amman as well as motifs from the Byzantine and Umayyad periods. It will also have a photo of the front of Qasr Amra. 

JD20Changing from its known purplish-blue color, the new JD20 banknote is said to be olive green. Much like the JD10, the date it will begin to circulate is also unknown. It will have a portrait of the late King Hussein on the front of the bill on the right and a watercolor portrait on the left. The front corners will be decorated with Byzantine mosaics and motifs from the King Hussein Mosque. 

The back of the JD20 will have a photo of Wadi Mujib’s foothills, spearheads from the old stone age, and a Nabataean coin from Petra. 

JD50The largest denomination of Jordanian currency is anticipated to change its rusty-orange color and go predominantly purple. Like the rest — besides the JD1 and JD5 bills — the date of circulation is unknown. The JD50 will have a portrait of His Majesty King Abdullah II on the front-right of the bill and a watercolor portrait on the left. 

The JD50 will also feature a photo of Al-Haram Al-Sharif in Jerusalem on the front center of the bill. The front corners of the JD50 will be decorated with motifs from Petra and the King Hussein mosque. 

A photo of Wadi Rum is said to be placed on the back of the JD50, while motifs from the Byzantine and Umayyad periods will decorate the corners. The bottom right corner will also have motifs from Qasr Al-Mushatta. 

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