Social Security retirement salaries and monthly allocations reach JD135 million

Social Security Corporation. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Spokesperson for the General Social Security Corporation, Anas Al-Qudah stated on Sunday that the total monthly salaries and allocations for retirees amounted to more than JD135 million. اضافة اعلان

He mentioned that early retirement pensions accounted for JD74 million out of the total JD135 of retirees’ salaries, Al-Mamlaka TV.

He further indicated that the number of early retirement pensions from January 1 until the end of April reached approximately 3,893 retirees, bringing the cumulative number of early retirees to around 151,596.

A decrease of early retirees
He noted a decrease in the number of early retirees compared to previous years, pointing out that at some point, the ratio of early retirees to old-age retirees was about 78 percent, which is a significant proportion.

He added that measures have been taken by SSC and the state to amend the Social Security and determine the benefits of early retirement compared to the old-age retirement pension in an attempt to reduce early retirement. Many conditions have been added to early retirement to mitigate its occurrence.

In addition, he stated that SSC is striving to maintain its sustainability, noting that they have obtained the approval of the Board of Directors to conduct the eleventh actuarial study.

Based on the results of this study, the law will be amended, and necessary adjustments will be made according to the requirements of this study.

Conducting this study will take approximately a year and a half because it is a comprehensive examination of all aspects of the current law.

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