Oxfam trains CBOs in promoting safe working environment

Participants in Oxfam’s volunteer training on safe working environments, which concluded on Sunday. (Photo: Oxfam)
AMMAN — Oxfam concluded training for community-based organizations (CBOs) and engagement volunteers on how to create safe working environments and prevent abuse, the group said in a statement Sunday.اضافة اعلان

The training, which took place in Al-Mafraq governorate, “aimed to raise awareness on how to prevent all forms of abuse or exploitation and ensure that staff and the people they work with are protected.”

At least 45 people took part, including CBO staff and volunteers in Oxfam’s community engagement teams in Umm Jummal, Al-Zaatari, Manshayet Al-Sulta, Al-Khaldeyeh and Rehab municipalities.

“Group training sessions were conducted over four weeks to increase participants’ knowledge and skills surrounding safeguarding, protection and gender,” said Aysha Al-Jallad, senior protection, gender & inclusion officer at Oxfam in Jordan.

Jallad said safeguarding was “crucial in the implementation of any project as it ensured all people were protected at all stages”.

Khadija, a community engagement team leader in Al-Rabyeh Association in Umm Al-Jummal, said the training shed light on the “importance of mainstreaming protection in all field activities, standard protection measures, and ways to ensure safe referral of protection cases.”

Oxfam operates a solid waste management initiative in Mafraq, with a sorting and recycling facility that has provided income opportunities to 500 Jordanians and Syrians in the governorate during the past two years. The initiative also raises awareness about positive environmental practices.

Oxfam’s community engagement teams work to build relationships with local communities and stakeholders, and to address day-to-day challenges. 

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