Nomad provides solutions for business owners

Nomad spaces
The ‘Valentine’s Week Pop-up Experience’, an event that found a space through Nomad Spaces, during last February. (Photo: Handout from Dana Al-Fayez)
AMMAN — A new platform hopes to connect businesses that are looking to rent short-term unoccupied retail spaces.

Nomad Space was founded by Dana Al-Fayez after she encountered difficulty to find a space for her fashion endeavors.اضافة اعلان

“In 2017, I started a fashion brand but didn’t have the space to show my products except through pop-up markets and bazaars, which weren’t tailored to my needs in terms of space and location,” Fayez said in an interview with Jordan News.

And that is how the idea of Nomad Spaces was born.

According to Fayez, Nomad Spaces solves two problems: the issue of unused spaces and businesses’ need for vacant space to showcase products.

“Nowadays there are plenty of retail stores that are unoccupied and unutilized, so we don’t want to create new ones,” Fayez said. “We just want to use these spaces efficiently to help the real estate owners that are facing difficult phase because they don’t have a tenant during this period. So we are creating this win-win situation where both can benefit.”

Nomad’s concept is based on providing a tailored space that suits the business, rather than an empty room. The organization offers a team that includes a brand sales manager to represent the business, according to Fayez.

“We also give the businesses a chance to test the market, location, and traffic of the space before settling on it.”

Nomad Spaces helped other businesses to overcome some obstacles spurred by the ongoing pandemic. The platform itself was not directly impacted by the pandemic, according to Fayez, but was mainly inconvenienced by the rapid change of rules during this time.

“The challenge comes with the government restrictions not being consistent and hence, our inability to plan ahead, so the real challenge was the government’s uncertainty,” Fayez stated.

“Even though there are hundreds of businesses that are locking down, they are getting another chance to physically engage with their clients through Nomad, regardless of the pandemic,” the founder added.

Nomad Spaces also created “Zamakan”, a project that introduced the idea of “pop-up shops”, which is relatively new to Jordan.

“Zamakan is a space that is located in Swefieh Village, which we are using to create an experience of pop-up shops, to introduce the concept of the short-term shopping experience,” Fayez explained.

Zamakan attracts traffic through its aesthetically pleasing theme, benefiting the businesses that collaborate with Nomad and use their services.

“The most important thing we provide is the design of the space that we create to attract people.” Fayez noted.

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