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Press Release —With a young, digitally savvy, and highly educated population, Jordan has attracted the attention—and investments—of major multinational companies from around the world. But despite the Kingdom’s abundant human resources, many businesses still struggle to connect with and recruit the right talent for their operations. In many ways, this represents a global challenge: companies worldwide are struggling to adapt their corporate culture to the evolving demands of a discerning young workforce, whose expectations of what they want out of a workplace are vastly different than those of previous generations.اضافة اعلان

In The Abdali, we’ve created a dynamic development that provides countless advantages for companies looking to tap into the local talent pool and elevate their positioning as preferred employers.

Unrivaled Location and VisibilityIt may seem glaringly obvious, but a key factor in how well companies attract talent is their visibility to job-seekers: the local workforce needs to know that you exist in order to want to work with you. And while marketing, advertising, and PR can all enhance a business’ presence across various channels, perhaps the biggest factor in a company’s visibility is none other than its physical location.

In this regard, companies operating in The Abdali are at an enormous advantage: as the beating heart of the capital, the district has become one of the busiest and most active districts in the city, welcoming a diverse mix of visitors and residents.

Businesses operating in The Abdali benefit from this high footfall in numerous ways. In addition to simply being more frequently ‘seen,’ the location also becomes a key selling point for job-seekers, who prioritize factors like ease of commute and proximity to key facilities and amenities, such as restaurants, coffee shops, bank branches, and supermarkets. The area’s central location is an advantage for potential employees from all across Amman, and its diverse mix of commercial, residential, and retail facilities offers considerable draw for those who value convenience in their day-to-day lives.

Modern Facilities and WorkspacesOffices are no longer one size fits all, younger employees are looking to work in modern spaces designed for them to perform at optimum level. Each employee works differently, and office space should be able to reflect this new sense of individuality. This is why the working spaces allow companies to customize their workplace in a sense that reflects their corporate culture and keep up with technological advancements and create an open, dynamic, and functional working environment, which is an important factor for young jobseekers.

In addition, the new generation is no longer solely focused in the job itself, nowadays they are looking for companies located in a dynamic area where they can find a work-life balance. By walking around the area, employees can step out of the office and have a myriad of lunch options, all within a walking distance, or conduct meetings at one of the five-star hotels nearby.  

A Dynamic, World-class Business CommunityThe project is considered a game-changer in the Kingdom: it managed to create a synergistic ecosystem with various companies operating in over two dozen different fields. This step has brought in both national and international companies and allowed them to thrive in their respective industries. Consequently, over the last several years, the district has built a reputation for attracting major multinational companies. With over 450 companies and 13,000 employees, The Abdali has turned into the Kingdom’s premier business destination. By simply setting up offices and operations here, businesses are enhancing their image and reputation. As a result, the top talents in the city will put the district on their radar when seeking potential job opportunities.

The Abdali does not only attract big corporations, but the business district is also the driving force behind supporting startups and entrepreneurs as well as accelerating their growth. The Abdali opens the door for businesses to establish themselves in the market and grow. This benefits both startups and the economy alike, as the company is able to bring new business to the country and in return it provides the youth with additional job opportunities; the result is vertical growth instead of horizontal movement. The project is in a continuous process of growth and development, and the dynamic future it is witnessing makes it easier for potential employees and top talents to see their own future in The Abdali.

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