Housing Bank launches Iskan Young for Client Aged 7 to 17

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Housing Bank launches Iskan Young for Client Aged 7 to 17
Housing Bank has officially launched Iskan Young, a cutting-edge banking smartphone app tailored specifically for clients aged between 7 and 17 years old. This innovative platform offers a unique array of banking services, featuring exclusive functionalities designed for the digital needs and aspirations of the next generation.اضافة اعلان

The launch of Iskan Young aims to meet the evolving demands of young clients in the realm of banking services. With a distinguished set of benefits, this app offers an exceptional banking experience to Iskan Young clients, built around their lifestyles and catered to their needs.

Clients aged 7 to 17 can seamlessly download the Iskan Young app onto their phones, which their parents activate by opening an account electronically through the Iskan Mobile app. This streamlined process eliminates the need for branch visits, minimum deposits, or minimum balance fees. In addition, Iskan Young users can conduct various banking transactions anytime, anywhere, for utmost convenience and efficiency. This in turn allows them to take advantage of a variety of services that help in building financial literacy, money management skills, saving, and financial planning for the futre.The app offers a range of diverse ofservices, including financial transfers, electronic payments, transaction and balances inquiries, and the ability to request money directly from family members. Additionally, it allows users to request specially designed stickers for debit cards, with customizable spending limits managed by the parents.In terms of financial literacy, Iskan Young serves as a valuable resource for enhancing users' financial awareness, as well as their ability to save and spend responsibly. Educational materials include guides on banking transactions, monthly budgeting, setting saving goals, and efficient money management techniques.

To further incentivize e-banking for younger clients, Housing Bank rewards Iskan Young users with loyalty points and rewards for adopting their electronic services, alongside offering vouchers tailored to their interests.

The launch of Iskan Young reflects Housing Bank's ongoing commitment to developing products, services, and solutions that simplify life for its diverse clients,, with a particular focus on future generations. This is aligned with the bank’s strategic digital transformation initiatives, reaffirming their commitment to delivering a banking experience known for its simplicity, intelligence, security, convenience, innovation, and personalization.

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