Experts emphasize the need for accelerating transition to green economy

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AMMAN — Experts in Jordan have called for the acceleration of the Kingdom’s transition to a green economy and the adoption of environmentally-friendly investments. They believe that this will help to reduce the negative impact of climate change, stimulate economic growth, and provide sustainable job opportunities.اضافة اعلان

Creating a competitive green economyAccording to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, in order to create a competitive green economy, experts say that the country must establish appropriate legislative frameworks, encourage local development and innovation of green products, provide training and entrepreneurship opportunities, and create an effective regulatory framework and good governance that encourages private sector investment in the field.

Abdullah Badir of the Jordan Green Building Council explained that a green economy is an economic model that allows for growth in a socially comprehensive manner while complying with environmental standards.

Such an economy would reduce carbon emissions and pollution, ensure efficient use of resources, and prevent biodiversity loss.

Badir also pointed out that according to the World Bank Group's Country Climate and Development Report on Jordan, investing in clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency will provide a significant number of jobs between 2020–2050.

86 green growth projectsHamza Al-Olayani, a specialist in energy affairs and member of the Government Investment Management Company's board, said that Jordan has launched 86 green growth projects as part of its efforts to confront climate change.

These projects are intended to protect the environment, directly or indirectly, through a package of supportive laws, regulations, and guidelines.

He also noted that the Cabinet has approved the national policy for climate change for 2022–2050, which was prepared by a national committee to reach net zero carbon emissions on or before 2050.

Jordan has doubled down on its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 31 percent by 2030 by increasing projects in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, transitioning to electric transport and public transportation, and establishing an integrated system for waste management.

The National Green Growth Plan launched by the Ministry of Environment and the Global Green Growth Institute has listed many projects in six main sectors, including water, energy, agriculture, waste management, transport, and tourism.

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