Careem Box: A game changer for on-demand delivery in Jordan

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PRESS RELEASE – Careem, the region’s leading multi-service app, unveils a fresh brand for Careem Box, the on-demand delivery service that has reshaped how people in Jordan send and receive small items.اضافة اعلان

Careem Box is an extension of Careem's trusted Everything App platform, which offers many services in Jordan including ride-hailing and food and shop delivery. A convenient and reliable delivery service for people looking to send small items across short or long distances, people use Careem Box to send, track, and receive items such as thoughtful gifts, hot home-cooked meals, clothing, electronics, office supplies, baby essentials, and more.

The Careem Box on-demand delivery service has reshaped how people in Jordan send and receive small items

The service is popular among different age groups and genders in Jordan, with 27% of users aged 25-29, and 24% aged 30-34. 36% of Careem Box users in Jordan are females. Eyas, the most loyal Careem Box customer in Jordan, uses Careem Box around 18 times a day.

Dana, a mother of four children, talked about the convenience that the service provides her as she cares for her two young children and twin infants who are just two months old. "Careem Box is the go-to solution for hassle-free deliveries. I no longer have to worry about running out of diapers or home supplies. I can send and receive anything for my children and occasionally receive warm meals from my family, as I often find myself lacking the time to cook on most days. Now that it’s winter, I’ll be using Careem Box even more to deliver items on cold and rainy days."

Zeina, a busy mother in Amman, used Careem Box to send her son's lunchbox to school after noticing that he had forgotten it at home. Ahmad, a young professional in Irbid, relied on Careem Box to bring his laptop charger to work after leaving it at home. Lina, a mother and a grandmother who lives in Amman, depends on Careem Box daily to send warm, homemade meals to her mother, who has Alzheimer's and lives far from her.

The most popular neighborhoods for Careem Box in 2023 were Rabieh and Sweifieh, and the age group that used the service the most was 25-29 years old

Farah Odeh, General Manager of Careem in Jordan commented: "Careem Box was our very first step into the world of deliveries in Jordan, and it has successfully solved many pain points for customers and in record time, such as running errands during traffic congestions, and difficult weather conditions. Careem Box has also created more earning opportunities for Captains. We love hearing real-life stories of the unique value that Careem Box brings to individuals and their daily lives in Jordan. It has become a favorable service with many people using it multiple times throughout the day. Careem Box has made so many lives easier, aligning with Careem's purpose of simplifying and improving lives.

Careem launched in Jordan in 2015, commencing operations in Amman before expanding to Irbid and Zarqa. Careem Jordan offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of its customers including ride-hailing, food delivery, shop delivery, and customer and corporate on-demand delivery service (Careem Box). Careem Plus is a monthly subscription service that offers exclusive discounts and benefits on select Careem services.

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