Jordan ranks 1st in the Arab world and 4th globally in fuel prices

(File Photo: Ameer Khalefih/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Economic researcher specializing in oil and energy affairs, Amer Al-Shobaki, said that Jordan ranks first in fuel prices in the Arab world and fourth globally in relation to annual per capita income, according to Jo24.اضافة اعلان

Shobaki added that the month of May witnessed the second rise in fuel prices in Jordan during 2022, and more price rises are to be expected in the coming months with oil prices remaining above $100 per barrel. He added that the Jordanian government is adamant on continuing to raise fuel prices gradually to be at par with global prices while insisting on maintaining fixed high taxes on oil derivatives.

Shobaki said that the price of a liter of gasoline 90 is JD.88.5 and gasoline 95 is JD1.12 which is the highest price ever recorded for gasoline in Jordan’s history. He added that filling a 60-liter fuel tank of gasoline 90 now costs JD53, and for gasoline 95 it costs JD67.2.

He added that the increase in the price of diesel will be reflected in the cost of transportation and the price of goods, foodstuffs and all services. He warned of an unprecedented spike in the price of kerosene and diesel (used for heating) in the coming winter, which will force people to switch to using electricity and cooking gas for heating. Shobaki called on the government to adopt exceptional measures to protect citizens.

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