‘Jordan Gate’ project will be run by private sector, gov’t source

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AMMAN — An official source at the Ministry of Investment has said that the proposed “Jordan Gate” project is a private free zone undertaking that will be set up near the northeastern town of Al-Mashari. اضافة اعلان

The idea of an industrial park dates back to 1998; it is a project to be run by the private sector.  Currently there are two working factories belonging to the private sector at the site, the source was quoted as saying by Hala News.

In a press statement on Monday, the source said that the project was never completed, having hit a roadblock on the Israeli side.

According to him, the media reports about recent announcements by Israeli officials may be an initial step toward completing the project, but “we are waiting to know more details about it through official channels”.

On Monday, The Jerusalem Post said that Jordan and Israel finalized plans to revive the Jordan Gate project during Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s visit to Amman last week. It added that former prime minister Naftali Bennett had put the project on hold, after Jordan’s prime minister praised Palestinians “who assaulted Israelis in April”.
According to statements made by the Israeli government in recent years, the project is estimated to cost about $59 million.
The project includes an already-constructed bridge between the Jordanian and Israeli sides of the park. Israel wishes to come up with medium- and long-term plans to attract business to the proposed industrial zone.

“This is an initiative that will bring employment to both countries, will advance our diplomatic and economic relations, and will deepen the peace and friendship between the two countries,” Lapid was quoted as saying.

“It will allow Israeli and Jordanian entrepreneurs and business people to communicate directly. It will create shared initiatives for trade, technology and local industry.”

The decision about the project came during an Israeli government Cabinet meeting on Sunday.

According to statements made by the Israeli government in recent years, the project is estimated to cost about $59 million.

It will include Israeli and Jordanian factories on the Jordanian side of the park, while a logistics wing and a base will be built on the Israeli side for transferring goods out of Israeli ports on the Mediterranean Sea, Al Jazeera reported.

Some 700 dunums have been allocated in Jordan for the project, and about 245 dunums on the Israeli side.

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