Germany commits 21.5m euros more aid to WFP, UNHCR in Jordan

UNHCR Jordan
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AMMAN — Germany has committed 21.5 million euros ($22.2million) in additional assistance to the World Food Program (WFP), and the refugee agency UNHCR in Jordan, citing its desire to help cover part of the needs of Jordan-based refugees amid rising fuel and food prices in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.اضافة اعلان

A German Embassy statement said WFP will get 20 million euros ($20.6 million) in additional aid this year and in 2023, while UNHCR is allocated more assistance worth 1.5 million euros ($1.6 million).

“The top ups enable WFP and UNHCR to continue supporting vulnerable refugees from Syria and other countries living in camps and communities across the Kingdom to meet their food, nutritional and basic needs,” the statement said.

It said the humanitarian situation has “deteriorated for millions of people worldwide” in 2022.

“The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has led to an increase in grain and commodity prices, as well as rising fuel and gas costs, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable,” it said.

“To make ends meet, many refugees in Jordan rely on humanitarian support, with the global food and energy crisis adding further pressure on Jordan’s refugee population and host communities,” the statement added. It noted that the additional aid is meant to “maintain life-saving cash assistance for refugees in Jordan.”

German Ambassador Bernhard Kampmann said: “We are pleased to maintain our humanitarian commitment to Jordan at a substantial level in 2022. The needs for cash assistance in Jordan are rising dramatically. Our contribution is a sign that we stand firmly alongside the Government of Jordan and our UN partner organizations.”

WFP’s Representative and Country Director Alberto Correia Mendes thanked the German government and people for their “continuous support”.

UNHCR’s Representative to Jordan Dominik Bartsch said: “The global cost-of-living crisis has not spared Jordan and has clearly increased humanitarian needs of refugees in the past months.”

“UNHCR is committed to continuing the critical support to hundreds of thousands of refugees, and we are very thankful to the Federal Republic of Germany for its steadfast support to Jordan and the refugees it generously hosts,” Bartsch said.

Since the beginning of the Syria crisis 12 years ago, over 675,000 registered Syrian refugees have found a safe home in Jordan. In addition, Jordan hosts refugees from Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and other nationalities.

This year, Germany’s humanitarian assistance to Jordan in the context of the Syria crisis has so far reached a total of 87.43 million euros ($90.5 million), including 55.35 million euros ($57.4 million) for WFP.

In 2022, the German Government has increased its global humanitarian budget to 2.77 billion euros ($2.87 billion). “This makes Germany the second largest humanitarian donor worldwide, a position it has held for many years,” the statement noted.

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