ESC discusses ICT sector's conditions at State of the Country Report 2021

(Photo: Jordan's Economic and Social Council Facebook)
AMMAN — Jordan's Economic and Social Council (ESC) recently reviewed the situation of the information and communications technology sector, both in-person and remotely, as part of State of the Country Report 2021, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

An ESC statement issued Saturday said that the reports was launched during a meeting held by the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Hanandeh with a number of experts from the public and private sectors.

ESC head Musa Shteiwi said the ICT is closely connected with all other sectors, and stressed the importance of building on previous achievements to keep pace with global developments and maintain the sector's competitiveness in employing manpower, especially young people.

The ICT sector faces challenges related to inflexibility in tendering laws, investment-related difficulties, and export of information technology services to foreign markets due to instability in the legislative environment, Shteiwi pointed out.

Hanandeh said the ministry's infrastructure is "capable of smoothly" conducting digital transformation processes and using "the best" infrastructure practices, indicating the importance of providing efficient digital services to citizens.

The ministry faces challenges, primarily the complexity of institutional procedures, laws and legislation related to digital transformation, which it seeks to facilitate and make faster, and difficulty in updating sectoral data, Hanandeh added.

In an effort to advance its future plans, the ministry issued a "large" number of laws in the digital transformation field.

The participants recommended the need to revisit the ICT regulatory procedures, and highlighted the importance of training the sector's workers in digital transformation. They also stressed that Jordan needs to come up with national indicators that would help it follow up on the development and achievements in the digital transformation field, the ESC statement said.

The participants said that the Ministry of Digital Economy and Leadership should engage in outlining the next cybersecurity strategy, since it is tasked to run the technical aspect of the sector.

The study recommends that educational curricula keep pace with local and global markets requirements, and stressed the need to move toward digitization in developing textbooks for academic, professional and technical tracks.

The study also highlighted the need to provide "appropriate frequencies to operate of 5G cellular networks as soon as possible".

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