Around 15% of Jordanian families may lose electricity subsidies — IMF

IMF building
(Photo: AFP)
AMMAN — The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Friday indicated that about 15 percent of Jordanian families might be denied partial or complete access to the electricity subsidization as a result of implementing the new electricity tariffs, according to Ammon News.اضافة اعلان

According to an IMF report released on Friday, the Jordanian government is preparing to implement the new electricity tariffs as of the end of March 2022. The tariff aims to enhance the competitiveness of the private sector and reduce cross-subsidization.

The planned reductions in business tariffs would amount to JD40 million per year, mostly in the commercial and industrial sectors. The report also pointed out that the Jordanian government is preparing to launch an online platform so that families can have access to subsidized electricity.

The IMF also called on donors to support refugees affected by the new electricity tariffs, especially those with the lowest income among refugees in Jordan.

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