University of Jordan student expelled over critical Facebook post

A photo shared on Facebook purporting University of Jordan sports major Yara Al-Damaisi after she allegedly had an accident during a swimming lecture recently. (Photo: Facebook)
A photo shared on Facebook purporting University of Jordan sports major Yara Al-Damaisi after she allegedly had an accident during a swimming lecture recently. (Photo: Facebook)
AMMAN — A University of Jordan student is alleging that she was expelled from the university after being allegedly injured during a swimming event.
اضافة اعلان
On May 29, several female students were at Al-Ahliyya Amman University. The students were using the university’s swimming pool for a lecture for students majoring in sports at the University of Jordan; the visit was conducted in coordination between both the University of Jordan and Al-Ahliyya Amman University.

One student, Yara Al-Damaisi, was injured during the event. As she wrote on Facebook, “There was no warning of a threshold inside the pool, which resulted in my injury after jumping from a height of three meters, which resulted in broken feet and other lacerations.”

Damaisi did not take any action other than submitting a medical report to her university in order to take into account her health condition during the exams period.

"When I presented the medical report to the professor who witnessed my accident, she agreed to exempt me from practical exams,” she said in an interview with Jordan News. “But the next day I was surprised to find that I fell into both her subjects."

"During the exams period, I had asked the professor to write me an official paper explaining my injury that occurred during her lecture, but she refused and said ‘I did not see anything.’” Damaisi added that on the day of the accident, the professor “refused to call 911 for fear of being involved, so the lifeguard did.”

On June 15, Damaisi wrote a post on Facebook explaining what happened to her. She deliberately did not mention the professor's name, but she added the University of Jordan hashtag at the end. It was after this post that problems began for the student.

“My daughter was subjected to many threats by several people from the University of Jordan, asking her to delete the post, and write another apologizing to the university and her professor,” said Damaisi’s father, Wael.

“The next day, the university sent my daughter a copy of an official dismissal paper from the university for a whole year to her WhatsApp, knowing that she would have graduated this semester had it not been for what happened to her,” he went on.

“Then we received a call from the Cybercrime Unit to tell us that the university had filed a defamation complaint, even though she did not mention the teacher’s name on Facebook or to any media agency.”

Damaisi is a player for the Jordanian national table tennis team. She was absent from her training camp in Qatar for a whole month due to her injury. Her father explained that in addition to paying for his daughter’s treatment from his own pocket, he also had to be absent from work many times to care for his daughter. He also described the “psychological exhaustion” due to the threats that her family received and the dismissal.

Nawaf Al-Raqad, the Damaisi family’s lawyer, told Jordan News that, "Today we went to the Public Prosecutor in northern Amman, where we were summoned. But the case was not considered, so we will return tomorrow. I am working hard to protect Yara Al-Damaisi from being arrested."

Despite multiple attempts, Jordan News was not able to contact the University of Jordan for a comment.

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