Trade Federation Warns of Repercussions of Child Labor on Unemployment

Trade Federation Warns of Repercussions of Child Labor on Unemployment
Amman - The General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions has raised concerns about the severe repercussions of child labor on the labor market and the detrimental effects on workers' rights.اضافة اعلان

Khaled Fanatsa, President of the Union, emphasized in a press statement marking the World Day against Child Labor on June 12th, "Child labor is not merely a human, legal, or social issue, but it also significantly impacts the labor market and the opportunities provided by the national economy. The children we see in the labor market are occupying opportunities that should be available to young people and the unemployed."

He added, "According to the supply and demand equation, some employers who violate the law and disregard moral responsibility resort to employing children at low wages, where rights are lost, and work conditions are harsh, violating children's rights and exploiting their childhood. This constitutes a blatant violation of laws and legislation designed to protect childhood and preserve children's rights."

Fanatsa pointed out that "statistics and figures from local and international institutions and civil society organizations underscore the need for a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of child labor." He noted its prevalence in informal economy sectors such as agriculture, vehicle repair workshops, and construction.

He explained that low wage levels exacerbate poverty, prompting poor families to send their children to work instead of school to increase their income and meet the requirements for a decent living. He emphasized that addressing the reasons behind school dropout is crucial in understanding the phenomenon of child labor.

Fanatsa added, "When wages are fair and the living situation is comfortable for Jordanian families, parents will not consider sending their children to work instead of school," stressing the importance of raising awareness about this issue, which represents a violation of childhood and an infringement on the rights of a vulnerable segment of society.

He highlighted that Jordan has ratified the International Labor Organization Convention on the prohibition of the worst forms of child labor and immediate measures for its elimination. The Kingdom has also enacted relevant legislation that official institutions and ministries are actively implementing, along with national plans and programs. The law prohibits the employment of individuals under sixteen years of age and sets regulations for the employment of children over this age.

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