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Sweileh residents complain of long-neglected ‘hazardous’ staircases

Sweileh Staircase
(Photo: Dana Zyadat)
AMMAN — Fuad and Fadi, two boys living in Sweileh’s Irsal neighborhood, have to go down a derelict staircase every day to get to the grocery store or play with their friends in the street.اضافة اعلان

Fadi, the old brother, says “I am always scared to use the staircase because of the cracks in it and the injuries it caused us.”

He said the injuries were mostly mild.

Ibrahim Khalil, another citizen living in Miselon neighborhood, also complained about the neighborhood staircase, indicating that it has been left for 20 years without maintenance work or repairs.

According to him, residents had to personally weld metal to the stairs after his brother fell going down the stairs and had a severe head injury that required a plastic surgery afterwards.

Khalil said that people no longer use the staircase, because it is “a safety hazard,” calling on the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) to take action to fix the problem.

According to him, the stairs, embedded with metal, “can be the end of someone in dim light if they are not closely familiar with every inch of the stairs.”

“We tried to communicate with GAM but all our attempts were in vain,” he added.

Meanwhile, Abu Muhammad, a carpenter, said that Al-Mhammadi stairs leading to his shop was built 50 years ago, and had not undergone maintenance since. “Thank god only few people use it, which makes it better than other stairs,” he said.

As for the rudimentary staircase on Princess Rayah Street, it is also old and dilapidated, awaiting for maintenance by GAM, according to one neighborhood resident.

Noor Abdullah, who lives in the same neighborhood, said that the street is old and narrow, and the staircase was meant to facilitate pedestrians’ movement and make it easier for them to navigate the steep downhill slope.

A pedestrian bridge connecting Sweileh schools (such as Sweileh High School for Boys and Rida Kaabi School, among others) and Miselon neighborhood, is also and infested with dry grass and weeds due to absence of proper lighting.

Um Abdullah, who lives in the neighborhood, says that she warned her children against using the neglected bridge since it is not safe. She noted that repairing the bridge would serve a large segment of the community and spare them an otherwise long commute.

Director of Sweileh City, Eid Khair, said that the municipality will tackle any issues or complaints referred to it, noting that officials scheduled to go on field tour today to check the conditions of the city’s staircases. He stressed that he will contact the concerned departments at the municipality to resolve the issue.

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