Solar energy program boosts home installations

Solar panels
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Energy Fund announced that the reception of applications for the program through banks and associations is almost complete due to the rising demand for the service. The allocations for this phase of the program's financial windows are nearly depleted, with only a few remaining. The fund is working to expedite agreements with these remaining financial entities.اضافة اعلان

The fund attributes the near completion of the program, along with the high citizen demand, to the swift implementation of procedures by the financial entities and partner organizations. This efficient process has allowed the fund to achieve the program's targeted goals and use up its allocated budgets within a remarkably short time, Al-Ghad reported.

Furthermore, the fund has started the process of disbursing support claims, amounting to 30 percent of the cost of supported systems, for claims submitted through the program's financial windows that meet the necessary conditions and document requirements.

The fund reaffirms its commitment to continuing the program with upcoming stages, which will be announced in due course.

Additionally, the fund continues to support the installation of solar water heaters through various financial windows and the preliminary inclusion platform, with no changes to the application procedures.

In December 2023, the fund launched the third phase of the national program to support the residential sector with solar water heaters and solar cells. This phase includes direct support for Jordanian families, covering 30 percent of the cost of these systems. It also facilitates payments for the remaining amount through approved local banks and associations, contributing to reduced monthly electricity bills for participating families.

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