Six times as many cyber-crimes reported in 2022 as compared to 2013

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AMMANMinister of State for Legal Affairs Nancy Namrouqa, highlighted that the number of cases and complaints related to cyber-crimes has multiplied six times between 2013 and 2022, based on official statistics. In 2015, there were 2,305 cases reported compared to 16,027 cases in 2022, according to the official statistics from the Anti-Cybercrime Unit of Public Securityاضافة اعلان

The data revealed a total of 1,285 cases of electronic extortion, 3,769 cases of defamation and vilification through websites, pages, and applications, 1,000 cases of electronic data theft, and 3,466 cases of threats on the internet. Additionally, the data recorded 2,115 cases of electronic penetration, 133 cases of child abuse, 113 cases of hate speech and incitement, and 2,118 cases of electronic fraud, Al-Mamlaka TV reported. 

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the House of Representatives referred the draft cybercrimes law 2023 to its legal committee, despite several demands from deputies to return it to the government as the law has not been amended since 2015. However, many deputies believe that newly draft could infringe on freedom of speech. 

Namrouqa said, that the government deemed the Electronic Crimes Law to be of "special necessity and importance because this law protects society, and it is not for the government and the government's protection."

Concerning journalistsConcerning journalists, as concerns circulated about the infringement of freedom of speech on journalists, Namrouqa clarified that it does not concern journalists specifically; instead, it is dedicated to the entirety of Jordanian society, citing that the draft does not mention the word “journalist.” 

The minister clarified that journalists are dealt with according to the Press and Publication Law, not the Electronic Crimes Law, and they also have a union to defend them and their issues, Khaberni News, reported.

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