SSC studies giving deceased wife’s pension to husband

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Social Security Corporation (SSC) is studying an amendment that would allow husbands to claim their wife’s pension after her death, SSC Assistant Director Mohammad Odeh said. اضافة اعلان

Odeh told Jordan News that the final decision will be issued after the approval of concerned parties on the matter, adding that this review came after serious controversy over the issue.

Women’s affairs activist Nuha Al-Muhairiz told Jordan News that the adoption of this article confirms the importance of equality and justice between men and women, indicating that a man has the right, after great effort and hard work in his career, to bequeath money after his death to his wife and children for the remainder of their lives.

Likewise, she said, a woman has the same right to give her money to her husband and children after her death, especially since any woman is afraid for her family after her death and she has the right to secure and protect them.

Loay Obeidat, a lawyer and a human rights activist, told Jordan News that that legislation should be reviewed and made more just to women.

He said that men sometimes have no income and should have the right to benefit from their wife’s pension after her death, "just like wives who benefit from their husbands' pensions after their death".

Obeidat said that he stands with the adoption of this article and any other article that makes the legislation more just and equitable and in line with the efforts made to empower women.

The SSC has approximately 1.4 million subscribers, of which 386,000 (28 percent) are women. In total, the SSC has 276,000 registered pensioners, of which 49,000 (18 percent) are women.

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