Restaurant sector sales dropped 40% in 2022

(Photo: Freepik)
AMMAN — The restaurant sector witnessed an estimated 40 percent decline in sales in 2022, according to Head of the Jordanian Union of Restaurants and Confectionery Proprietors Omar Al-Awwad. اضافة اعلان

Awwad said that restaurant sales dropped during the first six months of 2022, then improved during the third quarter due to a wave of expatriate arrivals, only to decline again in the last quarter of the year, Al-Ghad daily reported.

He attributed the low sales figures primarily toa decline in the purchasing power of citizens, as essential food items have dramatically increased in cost — by 25 percent, according to some estimates — driving up restaurant costs by more than 35 percent.

Jordan has approximately 20,000 restaurants employing more than 100,000 Jordanians, he said.

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