Renewable Energy Fund, associations discuss dstribution of water heaters

(Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN  — The Renewable Energy Fund and Energy Efficiency Fund met with representatives of 12 local associations in three regions of the Kingdom to discussed ways to promote the use of solar water heaters in homes, which are subsidized by 30 percent of the total cost with the remaining cost paid via an easy loan. اضافة اعلان

Mechanisms for activating local associations’ role in the program were discussed at the meeting, according to the set funding mechanism, in the form of direct financial support to beneficiaries via local associations to support the installation of solar water heaters for homes. 

According to the mechanism, partial support is provided as a direct grant to citizens at 30 percent of the total cost of the solar heating system, while the remaining cost is reimbursed through an easy loan.

During the meeting, the executive director of the Renewable Energy Fund, Rasmi Hamzeh, emphasized the important role of local associations in activating the programs of the fund for the domestic sector by facilitating access to targeted groups.

Adding that these associations are the closest to the people and are best placed to implement the fund’s programs regarding the installation of solar water heaters for homes.

Domestic sector projects are designed to contribute to greater reliance on renewable energy as a sustainable source of electricity, to reduce costs which is supported by the government, and to increase awareness of power usage. 

Hamzeh stressed that implementing such projects was a priority for companies that supply solar heaters in the governorates, in order to enhance their competitiveness and enable them to operate. He said there were many such companies licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to install solar heaters.

He said that part of the fund’s strategy is to expand installation of solar water heaters for homes, as it has an immediate and direct impact on the monthly electricity bill and on people’s overall well-being.

Hamzeh said that all projects targeting the domestic sector are currently under way in the various governorates of the Kingdom and will be implemented through various groups such as the Veterans Affairs Department, commercial banks and local associations.

He stressed the need for all to engage with the local community to bolster the national effort to achieve the strategic objectives of the energy sector and the fund to reduce consumption, encourage investment in renewable energy, and increase the spread of solar water heaters in the Kingdom to reach 25 percent by 2025.

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