Political reform dialogue outcomes to be compiled for King — Fayez

Senate president Faisal Al-Fayez
Senate president Faisal Al-Fayez (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Senate President Faisal Al-Fayez on Tuesday said that he will submit a private report to His Majesty King Abdullah, outlining the thoughts, discussions and issues that were presented in the dialogues conducted on legislation governing political life in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

During a Senate session, Fayez added that all 22 meetings he held were self-initiated to communicate and hear the public’s concerns, indicating that the sovereignty of the law is a “red line” and the absence of safety and security obstructs social, economic and political development.

He also underscored that people must “support the domestic front and preserve the national identity,” noting that he addressed the desired reforms during the meetings.

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