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Police arrest 22 drug dealers in northern Jordan

Anti-Narcotics Department  AND Drugs Drug
(Photos: Anti-Narcotics Department)
AMMAN — The Anti-Narcotics Department in the northern region of Jordan has successfully arrested 22 drug dealers in the North of Jordan, in a total of 11 cases, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.اضافة اعلان

In Ramtha, authorities detained an individual suspected of international drug trafficking. During a residence search, law enforcement officers uncovered a substantial stash of 350 hashish blocks. Two additional drug dealers were apprehended. Their arrest followed a raid where a staggering 110,000 narcotic pills, believed to be destined for smuggling into a neighboring country, were seized.

Northern Badia and Mafraq Governorate
Two more drug dealers found in possession of 6,000 narcotic pills were taken into custody. Additionally, in the Northern Badia and Mafraq governorate, nine individuals were arrested. They were found carrying 17 palm-sized hashish blocks, 3,000 narcotic pills, and two firearms.

Western Irbid
In a separate operation in western Irbid, a first-degree wanted individual with 22 security charges, classified as "dangerous," was apprehended. This arrest revealed quantities of narcotic substances and a firearm in the suspect's possession.

The capital city saw four cases, resulting in the arrest of drug dealers. Authorities seized a total of 63 hashish blocks, 21,000 narcotic pills, and 150 grams of crystal meth in these operations.

Omari Border Crossing
At the Omari Border Crossing, vigilant officers intercepted a cargo vehicle arriving from a neighboring country. A thorough inspection of the vehicle led to the discovery of a staggering 150,000 narcotic pills concealed within. 

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