Physicians’ scholarships based on qualifications — Hawari

Minister of Health Feras Al-Hawari
Minister of Health Feras Hawari. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of Health Feras Hawari said on Sunday that the scholarship program for doctors in the medical services and university hospitals (the residency programs) depends on their achievement in the exams of the related entities, without a placement from the ministry, according to Jo24.اضافة اعلان

Hawari said that “the ministry pledges to support any doctor who obtains a specialization acceptance at any local institution, provided that he/she passes the exam.”  He said that between 2018 and 2019, the ministry accepted five doctors, in 2020, seven doctors, in 2021 six doctors, and in 2022 eight doctors.

“In the years 2018–2019 the ministry supported 12 doctors in competitive sub-specialties and ministry placements, 13 doctors in 2020, 48 doctors in 2020, and 29 up to this date for 2022.”

Hawari announced the ministry’s intention to increase the number of people admitted to residency programs, saying that it has developed new plans to provide more specialization opportunities for its doctors by activating the annual financial allocation, which amounts to about JD1 million, of which no more than 50 percent has been used over the previous years.  “To achieve these ambitions, we accepted this year more than 662 residents; an increase of about 22.5 percent compared to previous years”.

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