Only Interior Ministry can ban concerts — spokesperson

Ministry of Interior
Amman governor on Friday, December 4, 2021, said that no concert will be held in the Kingdom until further notice. Later that day minister of interior stated that all preapproved concerts were allowed to still take place. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Social media platforms were abuzz with comments prompted by official statements regarding the holding of concerts in Jordan, most of them negative and critical of the indecisiveness shown by the government in taking measures to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.اضافة اعلان

According to various media outlets, Amman Governor Yasser Al-Adwan said on Friday that no concert will be held in the Kingdom until further notice and cancelled all previously given approvals for such events.

Also on Friday, Minister of Interior Mazen Al-Faraya said that concerts and festivals that had been already approved can proceed as planned, thus cancelling the decision taken by the governor who acknowledged that any measure he may take has to be approved by the minister of interior.

Official Ministry of Interior Spokesman Farouq Momani told Jordan News that only the ministry has the right to sanction a decision after a thorough appraisal of the situation, in order “to safeguard the interest of the Kingdom and its citizens.”

The former minister of political development, Nofan Al-Ajarmeh, said defense orders are administrative decisions that can only be changed by the authority that issued them or by a higher authority, and as such, “the decision issued by the minister annulling the governor’s decree] is legal.”

Minister of State for Media Affairs, the official government spokesperson, Faisal Al-Shboul reinforced the minister of interior’s ruling, stressing that “the government is not going to ban concerts in Jordan” because they comply with the defense orders.

At the same time, Shboul urged concert and festival organizers to ensure that the audience adheres to the health protocols set by the government, which entail the obligation to “wear masks, be vaccinated and respect physical distancing”.

Stressing the importance of getting vaccinated to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the minister said that some countries took serious measures against unvaccinated people and that while “Jordan has not obliged citizens to take the vaccine, yet, they have to do it for their own safety”.

As of January 1, 2022, Shboul said, citizens will need to have taken the two doses of vaccine to enter any establishment and “PCR tests will not be approved, but for those who prove that they cannot take the vaccine due to certain conditions.

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