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August 9 2022 1:18 PM ˚
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Official confirms ‘very few’ cases of vaccination fraud

تلقي لقاح كورونا في البيادر تصوير امير خليفه  (4)
An official from the National Center for Security and Crisis Management told Jordan News that the center has come across a couple cases of people making deals to receive a vaccination certificate without being vaccinated. (Photo: Jordan News)
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AMMAN — The National Center for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM) recently said it has spotted some illegal practices by volunteer vaccinators at COVID-19 vaccination sites.اضافة اعلان

Ahmad Naimat, the director of media response at the NCSCM, told Jordan News over the phone that they have found a few cases of people making arrangements with vaccinators to dispose of vaccine shots and mark people as being vaccinated.

“Only a very limited number of cases have taken place, and those involved were captured and transferred to the national judicial system,” Naimat said.

According to Naimat, such individual cases have not affected the vaccination process given that the number of people who have received the vaccine in Jordan now stands at more than 3 million.

Naimat added that these “simple Individual mistakes” are likely to happen in such a large administrative process that includes millions of citizens.

He noted that some “intentional and unintentional” errors regarding COVID-19 vaccinations can occur across the world, and that Jordan is no exception.

He said that the number of COVID-19 cases during the third wave has been much lower than the second wave, indicating that Jordan’s vaccination campaign has been effective.

Naimat also noted that a lack of awareness may be the reason some people have chosen to avoid being vaccinated.

“If citizens who care about their health and that of their families are aware of the benefits of the vaccine, they will definitely take it,” he said.

“Some people were afraid of the vaccine or were (too) lazy to take it.

They have their own reasons after all,” Naimat said.

However, the Minister of Health Firas Al-Hawari, recently spoke to local outlet The New Arab and denied that there have been some people who have obtained vaccination certificates without getting vaccinated, stressing that some mistakes and violations may take place in any action associated with an emergency situation such as COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health was not available for comment despite attempts by Jordan News.

Yayha Khreisat, head of the “No to Obligatory Vaccination” campaign and president of Arab Council Association for Prosthetic Eyes, said in a phone interview with Jordan News that Defense Order No.

32 indirectly forces citizens to take the COVID-19 vaccine by making it a prerequisite to getting back to workplaces and schools, as well as to receiving medical treatment.

“This is considered as coercion and it violates Jordan’s constitution in terms of restricting Jordanians’ freedoms and rights to movement, education, health, and medical care” Khriesat added.

Khreisat said that foreigners arriving in Jordan are allowed to have a PCR test that is valid up to 10 days compared to 3-day PCR validity for nationals.

“A PCR test should not be conducted twice a week given that from a scientific perspective, COVID-19 symptoms only manifest after a minimum of 10 days of getting infected,” Khreisat said.

Khreisat said that people have concerns regarding the vaccine since its side effects are still unknown by companies, the Ministry of Health, or the World Health Organization.

“We are not against the vaccine or protecting people, but this way has created a state of discrimination between people who took the vaccination and those who did not,” the campaign’s head added.

A teacher at a private school in Amman, who preferred to remain anonymous, said in a phone interview with Jordan News that she was not intending to get vaccinated; however, she took the vaccine just to be able to get back to work.

“I delayed receiving the vaccine as much as I could.

But if I did not take it, I would have to undergo a PCR test every Sunday and Thursday, so I had no choice but to get vaccinated,” she said.

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