Nuayyimah - Balama Road opens after more than a quarter of a century

Nuayyimah - Balama  010
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AMMAN – After more than a quarter of a century of closure, the traffic has returned to flow on the vital road that connects the capital to the northern provinces. اضافة اعلان

The Minister of Public Works and Housing, Engineer Maher Abu Al-Samn, opened the road today, signaling the completion of work on this part of the road that had been closed several times since 1992. It was closed following an exceptional rainy season, causing a significant landslide on the street and the adjacent hills. The traffic has been completely redirected to an alternative road since 2013 to ensure the safety of road users, according to Khaberni.

The 'Slip' area of the road witnessed three major landslides in recent times, the first of which extended for about 200 meters, the second for about 100 meters along the eastern side of the road, and the third near the Sulhoub Bridge.

The project to address the landslides included the removal of fallen rock blocks and reshaping the area into terraces, reconstructing the road within the affected area. The treatment of landslides required removing the entire landslide block and shaping the upper area of the roadsides into terraces, providing safe slope sections and eliminating the sense of danger.

The Minister today also inaugurated the rehabilitation project for the Nuayyimah - Balama road in the area extending from the Sheikh Makazi Bridge of the Arshida family in the Rihab area to the Naima Bridge.

Abu Al-Samn directed the relevant authorities in the ministry not to accept the project from the contractor permanently until the completion of the sub-works on the side of the road related to drainage channels.

The project included reconstructing the road to have four separate lanes with a central island. The work included earthworks (cutting and filling), implementing pavement layers, and asphalt mix works (surface layer + binder), water facility works from culverts (box and tubular), slope protection, road safety works (guide and warning signs, street planning, ground reflectors), in addition to road lighting and necessary traffic diversions. 

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