New memorandum drafted to reverse MP suspension

MP Osama Al-Ajarmeh
MP Osama Al-Ajarmeh (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – A new parliamentary memorandum has been drafted to reverse the decision taken last Thursday by a vote of 91 deputies to suspend MP Osama Al-Ajarmeh. The new memorandum will be presented on Monday, according to MP Saleh Armouti’s statement.  اضافة اعلان

These events came against the backdrop of last Monday’s House session, in which Ajarmeh said that “the power outage was deliberate to prevent solidarity marches of clans for Palestine in light of the recent Israeli aggression.” Other representatives demanded proof of Ajarmeh’s claims.

After that, Ajarmeh engaged in a confrontational dialogue with a colleague and uttered insults towards representatives and the House’s internal code. On Thursday, 91 deputies voted to suspend the representative’s membership for one year.

MP Saleh Armouti, a seasoned jurist, said that the signing of the new memorandum was not completed, stressing that the first memorandum was “unconstitutional.”

“There is no constitutional provision that allows suspending the membership of any deputy; depriving people from having representatives in the House is unconstitutional,” he told Jordan News.

Armouti added that the public interest is the priority at this stage.

However, according to legal expert Leen Al-Khayat, the suspension is constitutional. "According to the amendment of the rules of procedures that were approved by the Seventeenth Council, the House of Representatives is considered the master of itself and has the right to impose punishment if there is an inappropriate conduct, including  statements that offend the legislature,” she told Jordan News.

Khayat added that the suspension is not subject to appeal before any court, in implementation of the principle of separation of powers. She stressed that this ruling is a sovereign decision. "The most important feature of the suspension is the lifting of the MP's immunity," the expert added.

She clarified that the rally Ajarmeh gathered and his behavior is considered illegal, noting that he could be charged with “raising a weapon (a sword) in a gesture of threatening, expressions of incitement, carrying, possessing and firing a gun, whether it is licensed or not.”

MP Ajarmeh was seen in videos circulated on social media after his suspension, holding a sword and with a gun in a hip holster, surrounded by his ardent supporters, and threating to escalate the situation.

Khayyat noted that a precedent for this suspension had occurred before.

“A similar decision was made before, and the Lower House reversed it at that time,” she recalled. She stressed the need to pay attention to the image of the Lower House, internally and internationally.

MP Yanal Freihat said that the deputies of the Fifth District took the first steps of the parliamentary memorandum that seeks to reverse the suspension, and that many MPs who voted to suspend Ajarmeh have “regretted the decision”.

Freihat added that those who voted for Ajarmeh should not be deprived of having a representative in the House.

"The punishment was severe and unconstitutional," he said. He also indicated that he was not sure whether the motives behind what happened with Ajarmeh were personal or not, and that the deputy should not be punished for his political opinion.”

Freihat said that “he does not support any illegal reaction and that the principle is that we look at the action, not the reaction," noting that the gathering MP Ajarmeh called in Naour was a reaction.

Ali Al-Sawaeer, deputy head of the Al-Ajarmeh Tribe Gathering, said that “things look promising and we are waiting the Lower House to reverse the decision.”

Sawaeer added that the deputy’s suspension was caused by his “strong political stances, and that what was considered offensive language was really no more than an expression of anger.”

The tribal chief dismissed as untrue rumors that Ajarmeh was arrested and confirmed that he was at his home.

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