NCHR releases statements on teachers association, defense orders

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The National Center for Human Rights (NCHR) on Tuesday called for respecting the rights of individuals to meet peacefully in a way that does not violate laws, referring to a recent press conference from the Jordanian Teachers Association that was prevented.اضافة اعلان

The center released a statement, saying that the right to meet is an embodied in the Jordanian Constitution and international human rights conventions ratified by Jordan.

The NCHR said that it had recently monitored, within the framework of its general mandate to monitor situation of the human rights in the Kingdom, the banning of a number of activities related to the right to peaceful assembly, the latest of which was a ban on the Jordanian Teachers Association. 

The NCHR called for respecting the right of individuals to meet in peaceful and legitimate ways that do not violate the law and do not affect the rights and freedoms of individuals.

Defense orders and rights of persons with disabilities

A recently released report from the center, also documented the defense orders’ effects on people with disabilities.

The report stated: “The defense orders did not take into account the needs of persons with disabilities, nor did they include their needs within the budgets, plans, and activities during that period.”

Because of the total and partial lockdowns, many people with disabilities were not able to access medicine or hospitals, denying them of basic healthcare, the report found. 

The right to access education was also disrupted for children with disabilities due to a lack of educational plans for students with autism or that required sign language.

In regards to violence during the pandemic, the report found that there was a decrease in reporting, while cases of violence continued. Data from the Public Security Directorate showed the occurrence of 20 cases of violence against persons with disabilities, including 12 sexual abuse cases and 8 cases of physical violence.

The report also recommended putting in place the regulations to implement provisions of the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2017, and to take measures to ensure the work of persons with disabilities, especially women, to right on the basis of equal opportunities.

The NCHR also called for the involvement of persons with disabilities in developing and implementing inclusive policies in education and participation in political and public life, as well as increasing spending on the health sector and giving special care and attention to the situation of children with disabilities in light of the high rate of poverty and unemployment.

The report called for the intensification of community outreach to identify different needs experienced by students and people with disabilities and how to integrate them into society and the labor market better.

The report also stressed, in its recommendations, the importance of establishing a national registry for persons with disabilities.

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