NCCD partakes in 3rd International Conference of Khalifa Award for Education

NCCD partakes in 3rd International Conference of Khalifa Award for Education
Amman - The National Center for Curriculum Development (NCCD) participated in the Third International Conference of Khalifa Award for Education, recently held in the United Arab Emirates.اضافة اعلان

The NCCD presented a session titled "Education Policies, Structures and Systems: Policies and the Future of Education."

In a statement on Sunday, Mohieddin Touq, Chairman of the Center’s Higher Council, emphasized education as a strategic investment for the future and a fundamental human right.

He highlighted education’s role in strengthening the state, achieving sustainable development, and enhancing individual well-being.

Touq noted that many countries have undertaken significant transformations in their educational systems to ensure greater equity and inclusion, improve education quality, and address societal and individual needs.

These changes are driven by rapid advancements in science, technology, information systems, and economics, which have influenced educational philosophies.

He discussed the rising competition among countries for intellectual and scientific assets, leading to a focus on fostering students’ creativity, innovation, and leadership skills, along with essential twenty-first-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.

He concluded by identifying key principles underpinning successful educational systems worldwide, including clear vision and goals, high expectations, robust educational experiences for all, a supportive and safe educational environment, integrated growth for all school community members, continuous professional development for teachers, and optimal use of space and engagement with the local community.

The conference serves as a crucial platform for exchanging insights and perspectives on the future of education, reinforcing the Center’s dedication to advancing education in accordance with the latest global developments and standards.

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