Ministry of Agriculture to regulate spread of stray dogs after complaints

4.Stray Dog
Many Jordanian residents shared their concern over the prevalence of stray dogs, especially in residential areas. (Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Agriculture intends to place clear frameworks and comprehensive plans to control and eliminate the spread of stray dogs. This comes after complaints from residents about the stray dogs in the streets and residential areas. اضافة اعلان

“We will be collecting these dogs. They will be sterilized and vaccinated against rabies,” shared an official source at the ministry, who spoke to Jordan News on the condition of anonymity.

The source confirmed that: “We (the ministry) aim to ensure everyone’s safety without harming animals. Therefore, there will be intensified training for the cadres of the Ministry of Agriculture that will implement the program to ensure that regulations are followed precisely.” 

Residents of various areas spoke to Jordan News, and they stressed that the stray dogs in streets and residential areas had become a significant inconvenience. 

They noted that there are no clear procedures to preserve the health and safety of residents without harming stray animals. 

Mahmoud Tawalbeh, a resident of Zarqa, told Jordan News that “Where I live, there are significant fears among children when they go to school; due to the enormous presence of stray dogs, especially in the early morning hours and at night.” 

Tawalbeh added: “This would endanger the lives of residents. Children and even grown-ups are afraid of these dogs; they are harmful, and you do not know when they could potentially attack. So living with these potentially harmful creatures is a real risk.”

Likewise, Anas Abu Kharma, a resident of Irbid, told Jordan News that: “Stray dogs have spread in residential areas in Irbid where I live, and is a real source of concern to the health and safety of residents, especially women, elderly, and children.” 

“Stray dogs are most often found near waste containers to search for any leftover food,” he said. “When they fight amongst themselves, they spread fear and cause a state of danger amongst residents, especially children.” 

From his side, Hazem Al-Yacoub, an animal rights activist, said in an interview with Jordan News that: “The government used to kill these dogs, by hunting or poisoning. They did not solve the problem. On the contrary, they made it even worse.” 

Yacoub explained that: “Stray dogs are present in large amounts and in several areas. Even if you deal with a specific area, or get rid of a few dogs, they can still reappear. You cannot eliminate them or end their lives. They are creatures that we must care about and protect.” 

“Killing them is an inhumane act,” he said and continued: “These dogs must get sterilized, vaccinated, and put in shelters and reserves — and even if they are put in residential areas and streets, people would at least know that they are given the right medication and vaccines and that they will not harm anyone.” 

“On the other hand, when it comes to rabid dogs, euthanasia is an option. Euthanasia is performed in a specific way and by trained professionals,” he said. 

“People should know that not all stray dogs are rabid dogs. Some of the stray dogs just need to be vaccinated and sterilized — there is no need to kill them or harm them, or even fear them.”

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