Ministers Oversee Amman-Zarqa Bus Rapid Transit Project Preparations

Ministers Oversee Amman-Zarqa Bus Rapid Transit Project Preparations
Amman - Minister of Public Works and Housing Maher Abu Saman and Minister of Transport Wissam Tahatmouni supervised on Sunday the final preparations for the trial operation of the Amman-Zarqa Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, scheduled to commence by month-end.اضافة اعلان

Inspecting the project sites, both ministers were updated on its progress across four packages and the completion of furnishings and finishing touches for passenger stations.

Funded by the Social Security Investment Fund, the project involved four separate tenders, encompassing bus and road routes, alongside a dedicated package for station construction and finishing works.

Infrastructure enhancements comprised road widening, bridge and tunnel construction, intersection upgrades, pedestrian bridges, retaining walls, drainage systems, lighting, and traffic safety measures, alongside the establishment of five passenger stations.

Designed to provide swift and secure transit, the project relies on high-capacity buses operating on designated lanes, ensuring frequent services at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Emphasizing the project's significance, Abu Saman stressed the government's commitment to its timely operation, citing its role in enhancing public transportation and alleviating traffic congestion in Amman.

Abu Saman noted the completion of main roadworks last year and ongoing efforts to finalize passenger stations, poised to serve commuters upon project launch.

Tahatmouni commended project teams for their diligence, underscoring the route's importance in improving transit between the capital and Zarqa.

She expressed the Ministry of Transport's eagerness to promote high-speed bus services to address Jordan's transportation challenges and elevate citizen services.

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