Minimum wage will not be raised — Shamali

(Photo: Ministry of Industry, Trade, And Supply)
(Photo: Ministry of Industry, Trade, And Supply)
AMMAN — Minister of Labor and Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply Yousef Al-Shamali said that “the minimum wage will not be raised,” Khaberni reported.اضافة اعلان

The minimum wage, Shamali said, was recently raised from JD220 to JD260; it is usually reviewed every five years by a committee representing the labor, commercial, and industrial sectors, together with the Ministry of Labor.

Shamali said that inflation in Jordan stands at 4 percent, which is one of the best figures in the world.

The minister said that those who are not subscribed to the social security or receive a salary of less than JD260 per month could file a complaint.

Meanwhile, Jordan counted 435,000 unemployed people, half of whom without Tawjihi (general secondary certificate examination) certificate at the end of last year, Shamali said on Tuesday.

In a related development, the Director of the Center for Economic Studies, Ahmed Awad, said that one of the main reasons for the high unemployment among young men and women lies in the lack of job opportunities to absorb the newcomers to the market.

He stated that efforts should go towards supporting the economy in a holistic manner so that it can provide more job opportunities.

“Unfortunately, some of the government-run employment projects in the 10 years ago were mere propaganda, were not proven to be successful,” Awad said.

He pointed out that employment programs undertaken by successive governments were a waste of time, and have proven to be a failure, and did not contribute to reducing unemployment.

“One government claimed that it employed 30,000 Jordanians through an employment program, and it turned out that these people did not know anything about such program,” he said.

He called for stimulating economic sectors that employ the largest possible number of workers, and linking tax and customs incentives to the number of job opportunities that are created.

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