Migrant workers urged to take vaccines

Serious measures to be taken against those defying defense orders

Foreign workers in Amman, in an undated photo. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — As of December 15, strict measures, including deportation, will be taken against unvaccinated foreign workers in Jordan, said Labor Ministry spokesperson Mohammad Zyoud on Sunday.اضافة اعلان

Defense Order No. 32, issued last July, prohibits issuing work permits or renewing annual residence permits to individuals who did not receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or missed the appointment for the second dose.

According to Zyoud, the Ministry of Labor will also issue lists with names of illegal workers and send them to the Ministry of Interior, adding that the ministry has inspection teams tasked with finding migrant workers who do not comply with defense orders and the country’s laws, and are deported as a result.

However, the Labor Ministry does not have the authority to check on the vaccination status of guest workers, it may only check the validity of their work permits, said Zyoud.

Zyoud said his ministry also has jurisdiction over domestic helpers who flee the houses where they are legally allowed to work for other jobs or in other houses, and that if caught, unless they rectify their legal status, they are also deported.

The ministry spokesperson urged employers to report cases of runaway domestic helpers to the concerned agencies, but also to encourage domestic workers to get vaccinated.

As of December 15, the Ministry of Interior will start taking measures against unvaccinated guest workers, including deportation, with a view to ensuring public safety in general and to protecting the workers themselves from infection, said a ministry source, noting that the vaccine is available for free and there is no need to present residency or work permits in order to get the jab.

Abu Ali, an Egyptian who has been working in Jordan for 25 years, told Jordan News that he took the  second jab two months ago “because I want to protect myself, my family and other people, as you do not know were the virus comes from and the vaccine is the only way for me”.

The workers have the responsibility to take the vaccine to protect their health and their careers, he added.

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