Maritime corridor misuse risks Palestinian displacement - Mohammad Shtayyeh

former Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh
Former Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh. (Photo: Twitter/X)
WEST BANK – On Monday, former Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh sounded the alarm regarding the potential misuse of the maritime corridor between southern Cyprus and Gaza. He expressed concerns that it could be exploited as an exit route for the displacement of Palestinians, despite some assurances provided about its usage, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

Shtayyeh emphasized his firm rejection of any foreign presence on Gaza's soil, irrespective of nationality or intentions. "We have requested international protection for our people and all Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza, under the banner and umbrella of the UN," he stated.

Speaking against efforts to impose self-governance or introduce private security companies in Gaza, Shtayyeh cautioned that such actions would amount to aggression against the will of the Palestinian people. He voiced confidence that these attempts, like previous conspiracies, would ultimately fail.

"We will protect our national project and serve as a shield for Palestinian nationalism, represented by President Mahmoud Abbas," Shtayyeh asserted, underlining the importance of national unity in facing upcoming challenges within the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) framework.

Addressing financial concerns, Shtayyeh disclosed that the Cabinet has requested donor cash transfers to assist Gaza residents. A session with donors is scheduled to bolster support for the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its components.

In a poignant appeal to the global community, Shtayyeh urged immediate action to alleviate the suffering of Gaza's people and called for solidarity against Israel's actions. "Today, the Israeli forces stormed Al-Shifa Hospital and killed patients," he lamented, highlighting the ongoing violence in the region.

He implored the world to halt the aggression and stand against the injustices faced by Palestinians. "This is the final plea to humanity from Rafah—the last corner awaiting death. Save Rafah and salvage what remains of Gaza," Shtayyeh pleaded.

Furthermore, he urged those with double standards to unify their criteria and called upon world leaders to prioritize humanity and protect the lives of detainees, including Marwan Barghouti and his fellow prisoners.

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