Jordanian Field Hospital in Nablus conducts vital surgeries for children

Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza  005
(File photo: Jordan News)
NABLUS —On Monday, a specialized medical team at the Jordanian Field Hospital Nablus/2 performed three crucial surgeries on children and newborns.اضافة اعلان

The hospital director highlighted that the surgical procedures were conducted by a specialized medical team comprising surgical and anesthesia technicians, Al-Ghad reported.

The pediatric and neonatal surgeon elaborated that the surgeries, which targeted children under the age of 3 years, were executed with precision and care. Remarkably, all patients underwent successful recoveries within the premises of the Jordanian Field Hospital and are currently in good health.

Emphasizing the safety protocols in place, the anesthesiologist stressed that such surgical interventions are performed under general anesthesia, with comprehensive tests conducted to ensure the patient's well-being during and after the procedures.

The families of the children expressed their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty King Abdullah II and the dedicated medical teams at the Jordanian Field Hospital for their unwavering support and exceptional care.

Notably, the hospital has received a staggering total of 2400 cases within the initial four days of its operation, including 14 minor and significant surgeries. This highlights the critical role the Jordanian Field Hospital played in addressing the healthcare needs of Palestinians in the region.

As the hospital continues its vital operations, it remains a beacon of hope for Palestinians, providing much-needed medical assistance and reaffirming the enduring solidarity between Jordan and Palestine in times of adversity.

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