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June 30 2022 8:46 PM ˚
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MPs urge adequate support for Students Fund

1. Jordan University (Ghad)
Out of the number of applicants who had met the criteria, which totaled 75,000, only 47,000 received loans. (Photo: Jordan News)
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AMMAN –– The increasingly harsh economic situation should prompt adequate support for the Students Fund, members of Parliament have said.

Deputy Hayel Ayesh, member of the House Economy and Investment Committee, told Jordan News that the total number of students who have applied for loans from the fund this year is 78,000, of whom only 47,000 received approvals.اضافة اعلان

The figure is much higher than those of previous years, and this may be attributed to the "difficult economic situation", which calls for revisiting the regulations governing the fund to ensure that they are "fair", he added.

Students agree. Judi Yahya, a sophomore studying law, filled an application last year, but was rejected. She said she was pinning hope on the loan to pay her fees, which would cover two semesters and the summer courses, 45 credit hours in total. Now she is considering dropping out for a whole year.

A junior accounting student, Rania, is considering a similar decision. "My brother is also studying at university and my family cannot spend on two," she said.

MP Bilal Al-Momani, member of the House panel on education, urged the government and public shareholding companies to extend support to the fund, to make sure that all eligible applicants receive loans that would help them cover the cost of their education.

He said that out of the number of applicants who had met the criteria, which totaled 75,000, only 47,000 received loans, which left 28,000 without any form of support. The excuse, he said, was that the fund is struggling with a serious cash deficit.

Eligibility criteria for would-be beneficiaries from the Students Fund include: having Jordanian citizenship, a GPA not lower than 2 points or 60 percent in the semester preceding the time of application, and proof that the financial situation of the applicant is difficult. Applicants should also have a Jordanian general secondary education certificate and a clearance certificate for the period they study at university.

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