Lower House oversight session sees three queries turn investigations

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Members of the Lower House listen to the government's responses during an oversight session on Sunday (Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — The Lower house held an oversight session on Sunday, where lawmakers listened to the government’s response to 15 questions, three of which were turned to investigations. Lawmakers Ahmad Al-Khalailah, Faiza Obeidat, and Ali Al-Tarawneh issued investigations into the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.اضافة اعلان

At the oversight session, MP Ismael Al-Mashaqba, criticized the state of health-care, among other shortcomings in services, in Mafraq. Mashaqba said: “We are undergoing overcrowding pressures in the governorate because of the number of refugees.”

MP Obeidat, directed her questions to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, stating that she had previously requested documents and data regarding renewable energy projects. She said that she received a vague response from the ministry in question, and that they were inaccurate in their numbers.

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hala Zawati, responded by saying that it is the ministry’s job to deal with, and negotiate with different companies, which is why the numbers the ministry provided were different.

MP Tarawnah, also directed questions to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources; regarding a cease of operations at a petrol refinery. To which Minister Zawati responded: “The ministry did no such thing as ceasing it. But the ministry was undergoing a period of concession which ended in 2013.”

Zawati also said that the government plans to begin repaying its debts to the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company (JPRC) this year through two installments of JD150 million each over two years.

Zawati added that licenses granted to three companies, including JPRC’s JoPetrol, to sell fuel derivatives had made the government JD30 million, which had been transferred to the Treasury.

MP Mohammad Al-Alaqma also asked the Ministry of Water and Irrigation whether or not the government has a plan to reduce the number of drownings at the King Abdullah Canal in the Jordan Valley. Alaqma insisted that there should be effective precautionary measures and not just warning signs. 

MP Mohammad Al-Shatnawi asked the government about the rehabilitation of the main cultural building in Irbid city. Shantawi told Jordan News: “Our city cannot take any more of this neglect. This cultural building holds a theatre that could have hosted a number of events, which is why it was built to be so spacious. The government has not been taking good care of these matters, or takes too long to come up with solutions.”