Lower House approves 2022 Social Security Law

Lower House approves 2022 Social Security Law Parliament
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AMMAN — In a legislative session held on Wednesday, members of the Lower House approved a draft law amending the Social Security Law for 2022. The bill includes amendments that were approved by the Labor, Social Development, and Population Committee.اضافة اعلان

Deputies approved two paragraphs that were added by the government to Article 59 of the bill in its final version. These paragraphs allow the private sector to reduce the monthly subscription rate for old-age, disability, and death insurance by up to 50 percent for Jordanians who have not yet joined the Social Security Corporation and are younger than 30 years old.

The amendments also regulated the legal status of military retirees who are under 45 years old and were active on June 10, 2020. An additional year of army service in the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and security apparatuses will now be calculated for them.

The proposed law also provides insurance services for workers in Jordan's agricultural properties, covering them for maternity and work injuries.

The parliamentary session was chaired by Speaker Ahmad Safadi and attended by Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh.

Amendment detailsEarlier, committee chairwoman Tamam Al-Riyati said that the committee approved the amendments to the Social Security Law bill after a series of discussions.

According to Riyati, most of the amendments approved relate to military retirees. She stressed that the committee is committed to achieving the highest standards of justice to achieve greater compatibility and non-discrimination between military retirees under the Military Retirement Law and those under the Social Security Law.

Riyati noted that the most prominent amendment was made to Article 2 of the proposed law. The committee decided to keep the original text that includes keeping the definition of the Social Security Administration board chairman in the Ministry of Labor.

This amendment confirms the committee's keenness to keep the Ministry of Labor, she added.

Regarding maternity insurance contributions, the committee decided to amend the number of contributions in Article 6 from eight contributions to six contributions, whether continuous or intermittent, to ensure greater social protection for women and to enhance their role, empowerment, and protection at work.

The parliamentary Labor Committee also decided to delete Article 7, paragraph j, which stipulates reducing contributions for private sector facilities employing those under the age of 30.

Riyati pointed out that agricultural workers are now covered by other types of insurance and that this coverage will be issued through a system approved by the Council of Ministers.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for covering the contributions of military retirees after their 20-year retirement period if they do not reach the age of 45.

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