Longest-serving prisoner in Israel due to be free Sunday

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(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Abdullah Nouh Abu Jaber, a 44-year-old Jordanian from Al Baqaa refugee camp, is expected to be free from an Israeli jail on Sunday after more than 20 years in prison.اضافة اعلان

The man, whose mother, father, and sister passed away while he was imprisoned, is the oldest Jordanian prisoners in the occupation authorities’ jails.

The prisoner, the longest-serving in Israeli prisons, was visiting his relatives in the West Bank when he was arrested by the occupation forces while taking part in the 2,000 Palestinian Intifada and sentenced for life
The remaining members of his family are impatiently waiting for him.

His brother, Muhammad, said the family cannot wait to see Abdullah, saying they have mixed feelings of joy for meeting Abdullah and grief for the death of their family members.

Muhammad told Jordan News that he has been in touch with the Foreign Ministry, where officials assured him that his brother is among those listed for release, especially that Abdullah was moved to a transfer facility, pending his release.

Abdullah’s three brothers and MP Ahmad Al-Sarahneh, who happens to be one of Abdullah’s classmates, will go to King Hussain Bridge to welcome him.  

Abdullah, while in prison, waged two food strikes, the first of which lasted for 24 days, and the second for 78 days. After the second strike, the prisoner was transferred to the hospital.

Muhammad said that the family paid around JD10,000 to find a lawyer for Abdullah while they were living in bad financial conditions, but now all he wishes for his brother is to get used to life after two decades of imprisonment.

Mahmoud, Abdullah’s youngest brother, said that he missed his brother and he postponed the idea of getting married until his brother is released; so that he can celebrate both events.

Abdullah’s friend, Kamal Saleem, said that the family’s neighbors “are so eager to welcome Abdullah,” adding that they were feeling broken when he went on hunger strikes in 2015 and 2016, upon which his health deteriorated and was admitted to a hospital.”

Abu Jaber has waged several hunger strikes over the past two decades, most notably a 70-day strike that began late 2015 and ended in early 2016.
Abdullah is among 22 nationals currently held by the Israeli occupation.  

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