Londoners demonstrate against Israeli war on Gaza

Protestors listen to speech by Gazan children in London
Londoners demonstrate against Israeli war on Gaza
London - Thousands of demonstrators marched in central London on Saturday to demand an immediate end to the Israeli war on Gaza.اضافة اعلان

According to the Daily Mail, the march, organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, started from Parliament Square and passed through Whitehall before ending in Hyde Park.

The newspaper estimated the number of demonstrators at hundreds of thousands.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was among those carrying placards at the front of the demonstration, where demonstrators chanted "Stop bombing Gaza, stop bombing children."

A series of placards were raised, including "Stop the colonisation of Gaza" and "Free Palestine."

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in Hyde Park and praised British and American university students for their protests against the Israeli war on Gaza.

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