Letter from the senior editor: reflections on the Marrakech earthquake

Marrakech earthquake
(Photo: Ahmed Freihat/ Jordan News)
At 2:36 a.m. local time in Amman, I received a WhatsApp message from our editor, Ahmed Freihat, who is currently in Marrakesh, reporting on the story "Inside Marrakesh: Hours After the Devastation." The message read, "Hello, there was an earthquake in Morocco tonight (thank God). Everything is okay, but it means I was unable to sleep tonight after a sleepless night last night due to an early morning flight... I think sleeping in would be good... Could I ask you to cover in case there is breaking news in the early morning?"اضافة اعلان

I thought, "Sleep in all you want." I am just relieved that he and his family members are safe.

Yet, I cannot help but think about those who are not. As the death toll continues to rise, the latest reports state that 820 people have been killed as of 3:20 p.m. local time. When we first received updates, the number of casualties stood at 296. Within a span of 20 minutes, we updated it to 632. As I sit here writing this, we know that the death toll is far from over; it will continue to increase.

The dreams, lives, and aspirations for the future of many have been shattered in an earthquake that lasted only one minute but felt like an eternity for those affected.

We send our condolences to those affected and extend our warm wishes for Freihat and his family's safety. We want to remind you that as we publish his account, an inside look at what is happening on the ground in Marrakesh, these are accounts from those who are on the ground, living in the same reality as we all are, trying to understand and wrap our heads around what has happened and what is yet to come.

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